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Maximizing Storage Space in Small Bedrooms

Since we had to relinquish the very roomy master bedroom to our children, our tiny bedroom has been extremely crowded.  Basically we can fit our bed, a 5-drawer chest, a lingerie chest, and my desk.  There is no room for a dresser or night stands.

Our mattress set, which was once top-of-the-line, has turned ten and is in desperate need of replacing.  Before we replace it, we really need to make the decision about whether we would like to keep our contemporary powder-coated metal bed or consider looking at platform beds.

When we were looking for twin beds for our children, I had thought to myself how great it would be if they made captain's beds for adults.  I would love to have two rows of drawers under our bed and a bookcase headboard would eliminate our need for nightstands.  It turns out, there does exist such a product named simply "storage beds."  Since most storage beds are wooden, it will be tough to switch from our sleek modern looking bed to something that is more traditional and cumbersome.  Ultimately, that is a small price to pay to get rid of those plastic under-the-bed storage boxes that are always so difficult to slide in and out from under the bed.