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For Better or For Worse: The Early Bird Gets . . . To Be Tired

Since my husband has to be up the earliest out of everyone at least 5 or 6 days a week, he has inherited the job of waking everyone up in the morning.  He usually sets the alarm for himself, which I don't even hear anymore when it goes off, and wakes up whoever needs to be up that day after he is done showering and brushing teeth.

A couple of weeks ago, the morning went like any other.  All five of us needed to be up and out of the house early that day.  So we were all finishing up breakfast and doing whatever we needed to do to finish getting ready when my husband calls me from downstairs.  It turned he had just realized that he had gotten up a whole hour earlier than he had needed to.  He must have set the alarm for the wrong time.  As a result, everyone in the house missed out on a whole hour of sleep.  Being the one who needed to sleep the most, he was very upset with himself.  So we all had an extra hour of computer time and TV watching that morning.

Can you guess why he did not realize right away that it was not the right time to get up that morning?