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Creating With Colors: RoseArt Color Blanks Figures

Two out of our three children are artists at heart.  Our youngest son, however, just does not seem to have the patience to sit still and to take the time to create something that he really loves.  So, when I was introduced to Color Blanks by RoseArt, I thought that our youngest son, who is 4 years old, would find this type of 3D art project to be engaging.  It turns out that I was right.

Color Blanks are all-white figures that come in a kit, which also includes stickers, permanent markers, and some even include glue dots.  We received two Color Blanks Geo Shapes, one with a cube-shaped head and one with a cylindrical head, plus a Color Blanks Bunny.  The stickers that came with each kit had choices for creating both boy or girl figures.

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To get started, your child must decide if he or she would like to begin with stickers and then add color around those or to begin with color and then follow with stickers.  Our youngest son decided to start with stickers, add some color, and then add more stickers.

Our 4 year old daughter decided to add a little color, then a few stickers, then a little more color, then some more stickers, and so on.  Our 7 year old son was much more organized and developed a plan in his head before he started.  He chose to complete the coloring and then add the stickers after the marker dried, which took about 10 or 15 minutes.

Here are the results of our project . . . 

Although Color Blanks are recommended for ages 6 and up, if your child has the patience and skill to decorate an Easter egg, then he or she should be able to enjoy this art project.  Our Color Blanks were created with only supplies that came in the kits, but you can us other things, such as paint, buttons, small props, 3D eyes, foam shapes, gems, and much more.

All three of our children enjoyed this project and they enjoyed playing with the Color Blanks afterwards even more.  These figures are soft and shatter-proof, and have proven to be very durable so far.

You can purchase Color Blanks most places where RoseArt products are sold, such as Target, Jo~Ann Fabric and Crafts, Hobby Lobby,, and more.  Visit, RoseArt on Facebook,
RoseArt on Twitter, and YouTube to learn more about this fun product.

Thank you to RoseArt for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.