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Box Tops For Education University for Local Coordinators

It's that time of year again.  School is coming to a close next month and it  is time to divide my stash of Box Tops between the twins so they can each bring them into school.  I usually do this at the beginning and end of the school year.  The twins will be so proud to present their sandwich bags full of Box Tops to the school director tomorrow.

If you are not familiar with the Box Tops For Education program, by clipping and collecting Box Tops off of products you use everyday and turning them over to your local school, your school receives $0.10 for each Box Top.  The process could not be simpler.  You can view an updated list of participating Box Tops products on the Box Tops website.

A part of the Box Tops program some may not be aware of is the Box Tops Marketplace.  This is for those who like to shop online.  Over 100 participating retailers will give your school a preset percentage of your online purchase.  You only need to visit the Box Tops Marketplace and shop through the link for each particular retailer.  I actually have 3 children.  My oldest goes to elementary school.  Our twins' preschool gets all our Box Tops, but our first grader's school receives all the earnings from my online purchases.

(Photo courtesy of MyBlogSpark)

Everything is truly easy and painless for parents to participate in this program.  The coordinators for each school, however, need to work very hard to encourage more parents to participate.  Not everyone has a system like I do and many often just do not think about taking the time to look for those Box Tops to cut out. To help these coordinators out, the Box Tops University travels around the country to teach coordinators the best ways to raise money for their schools.  Although I was not able to see the events first hand when the Box Tops University came to the Boston-area in March of 2011, I was amazed to hear how much the event inspired coordinators to meet their schools' goals.  I especially loved seeing the photo of all the notes written by coordinators stating what their schools used the money raised from Box Tops For Education towards.  To learn more about becoming a Box Tops Coordinator, visit

I received a Box Tops gift pack from MyBlogSpark on behalf of Box Tops For Education as a thank you for participating in this campaign.