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Bike Helmets Have Come a Long Way Since My Glory Days

It's bicycle season at last! Not a cloud in the sky today and that crazy wind has finally died down. I think its time to get the kids' bikes out for the year.

I used to be an avid mountain biker (avid in my own mind maybe). When I moved to Boston in my early twenties I didn’t know anybody and money was tight, so I spent all my spare time biking around the city. I used to do some crazy stuff back then, stunts and speeds I would never consider now. I look back and some of the stuff I used to do was quite dangerous.

But seeing the kids' bikes makes me a little nostalgic about the “glory” days of my cycling. Is it time for me to get back out there? It may be, but one thing is for certain this time around: Safety is paramount. Not only for myself but for my kids.

I will not even consider going back out without a quality helmet. Back in the day helmets were hot, heavy, and uncomfortable. When you have a helmet you don’t like, you don’t wear it. But manufacturers like Bell and Giro have changed all that. Today you can check out the latest and greatest Bell and Giro helmets at Helmet City.

Helmet City is known for its motorcycle helmets, but now you can get the newest and hottest cycle helmets there. If you plan on cycling this season, make sure you protect your lid properly to ensure you are around to cycle next season...