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Review: Playmobil Treasure Temple with Guards Play Set

Being huge fans of Playmobil toys, our children were more than excited to receive the Playmobil Treasure Temple Play Set.  This toy's theme is unlike any they have owned before and, as far as Playmobil sets go, this one has more features and fun accessories than any others they have ever played with.  This set does not give the child a choice, but to be immersed in the pretend play scenario he or she develops with his or her imagination.  Even as an adult, I half expected to see Indiana Jones running through with a gigantic boulder chasing after him.

As always, my 7 year old son helped me to assemble this Playmobil set.  He is actually becoming quite experienced at building these play sets and will soon be able to do it without any help from me at all.

If your child likes creepy crawly things, then this is the right set to buy.  It comes with tarantulas, mega-long snakes, and scorpions.

My children's favorite parts of the Playmobil Treasure Temple are the trap door that is triggered by a button and the booby trap, in which small boulders tumble down from above.

Some other cool features are the hidden crystals in 3 different colors, a map that appears when rubbed, and a skull and bones that glow in the dark.

Another great thing about this play set is that it offers at least one interesting feature on each of its four sides, that way our three children are not forced to fight for play space on one side of the toy.  I also like that this set comes with 5 figures, so there is enough for each of my children to have at least one figure in-hand.

The Playmobil Treasure Temple with Guards retails for $69.99 and can be purchased at most retailers of Playmobil toys, such as Toys "R" Us,, and the Playmobil Online Shop.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.