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Review: Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Replica Engagement Ring

The royal wedding date of April 29th, as set by Prince William and Kate Middleton, is quickly approaching.  If you are a collector of Royal Wedding Commemoratives, you will surely love to see this Royal Wedding Replica Engagement ring.  The ring worn by Kate Middleton has significance beyond representing her engagement to Prince William.  It also honors his mother, the late Princess Diana, who wore this same ring when she married Prince Charles.

An impressive 3/4"L x 5/8"W, this ring is extremely substantial.  Offered in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, this sterling silver ring bears an oval cut sapphire-colored glass center stone surrounded by 14 round cut CZs, which give off a tremendous amount of sparkle.  The setting is slightly raised with a large opening on the bottom to easily allow light to shine through.

My ring finger is approximately a size 6.5, so I chose the Medium ring, which is stated to fit a 6.75 ring size.  I would say that the approximation was right on target.  This ring will fit on my ring finger during the warmer, more humid months.  Currently, it fits best on my middle finger, which is usually about a size 7.  I must say that a good fit is very important with this ring.  Because of its size and weight, if the ring is too large on your finger, it will definitely try to spin around.

For the price of just $50.28 USD, I am extremely impressed by this ring.  I personally am not a collector, but I do look forward to the day in the future when I will have an occasion to wear this ring and to show it off to someone else aside from my children.  I have to admit that wearing this elegant ring does make me feel a bit like royalty.

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Thank you to The UK Gift Company for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.