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Living Green With Jerinda: GrabGreen Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

I am always looking for new, innovative, eco-friendly cleaning products that really work and are better for the environment. Even when I find things that work, I am always willing to try something else simply because it’s nice to have a back up and that new thing might work better. “Green” laundry detergent has always been an issue for us. I find a detergent that I like, then within a month it stops cleaning as well and I have to switch back to a mass-made free and clear detergent. When I was sent GrabGreen 3-in-1 laundry detergent, I was excited to put it to work. GrabGreen 3-in-1 detergents come in pre-measured “packs” that go straight into your machine. No measuring needed, which is very convenient. Plus, the dissolving plastic coating makes the packaging minimal, thus lowering trash and fuel costs for transporting large, filled plastic jugs of traditional detergents. The little laundry pods are derived from biodegradable organic and mineral-based ingredients, so there are no harsh chemicals getting to my family or our planet. They are also non-toxic, free of phosphates, fragrance, fillers, dyes and more.

On top of all that, they work really well. I was very pleased with the quality of this detergent, how my clothes looked and smelled after the wash, and the fact that the pods did completely dissolve in the washing machine, which most similar detergents do not and I find the plastic “casing” stuck to my clothes later. I was very happy with this detergent for the whole month I used it and found no negatives to say about it.

GrabGreen was also nice enough to send me some of their wet dryer sheets, a product brand new to me. These dryer sheets are made from the Canola plant, and have fabric softening and static-reducing ingredients. Made without animal fat or wax, these sheets work very well at naturally making your clothes soft and reduce the amount of static as well.

You can purchase GrabGreen products on their website, The 3-in-1 laundry pods retail for $8 per pack (24 loads) and the wet dryer sheets retail for $4.95 for 64 loads.

Thank you to GrabGreen for sending us complimentary product samples to base this review upon.