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Creating With Colors: 3 New Paas Egg Decorating Kits

Last year, we had the pleasure of trying out two new Easter egg decorating kits from Paas.  This year we actually were able to experience three new kits.  Our children are one year older and the twins have quite a bit more patience than they did last year when it comes to sitting down and completing a craft project.

Like last year, I hard boiled two dozen white eggs in advance.  My husband made sure to use vinegar with the tablets and we made sure there was at least six cups of dye, so each child could have two eggs going at once.

Of the five new Easter egg decorating kits released by Paas for 2011, we received the following three . . .
  • Pirate Princess
  • Wild Wheels
  • Fun Eggspressions

The children each were able to choose what color egg they wanted their eggs to be.  We even did some that were half one color and half another.  We did not use the wax crayon that came in the Wild Wheels kit to block out the dye on as many eggs as we did during past years.  I think the children were more interested in the themed stickers and also the fun extras included in the Fun Eggspressions kit.  It took about 20 minutes for the eggs to dry before we could decorate them.

Both the Pirate Princess and the Wild Wheels stickers were a big hit.  Although they seem gender-specific, our daughter did enjoy trying to make a car out of her egg to give to one of her brothers and the boys did use some of the pirate-themed stickers.  The stickers in the Fun Eggspressions were gender-neutral.  I think the whole family can agree that our favorite part was the glue and sand that came with the Fun Eggspressions kit.  Even when the design did not come out as the children had first envisioned, the effect was still very cool to look at.

You can learn more about these and other Paas products at  You can find Paas egg decorating kits at most major retailers who carry seasonal Easter decorations and toys.

Thank you to Paas for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.