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Why the Ability to Create and Edit PDF Files is Important to a Blogger

Since my blog just turned 3, I have been looking back on all that I have learned during those three years.  One main thing I realized is that a media kit is essential for any blogger who would like to both monetize their blog or review products on that blog.  I admit that I paid a fellow-blogger to create my media kit about a year and a half ago because I did not have the right software to create PDF files or edit PDF files for that matter.  I update my media kit about once a week, and since the free PDF editors out there are so not user-friendly and are very time-consuming to use, I just keep a version of my media kit in Microsoft Word, which unfortunately does not look as professional as a PDF document.

Aside from the ability to create and edit your own media kit, having a PDF software is important for times when you are asked to convert to PDF format samples of your work or to create forms, such as an invoice for companies who do not use Paypal.  I really think I need to take the leap and purchase the right software.  I am about to give my blog a makeover and I will need to create a new coordinating media kit to go along with it.