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Tyson Any'tizers Made Girl's Night In Fun & Easy

Tyson is a long-trusted company that primarily makes chicken and chicken-related products. Tyson had offered to send me a Super Bowl Party package for the mega-popular football game, but due to bad weather conditions in my area, the package didn’t make it on time. Tyson graciously allowed me to keep the package, which included full-value coupons for Tyson products and a $50 gift card for supplies, and to use it for another event.  So I hosted a "Girl’s Night In" for some friends.

For the party, I made Tyson Any’tizers, which included Tequila Lime Flavored Chicken Wings, Popcorn Chicken, Buffalo Style Popcorn Chicken, and QuesaDippers Fajita Chicken and Cilantro Lime Salsa, as well as a fruit tray, a chocolate fondue fountain, and some mixed drinks, all purchased with my gift card from Tyson. The party was a hit and the Tyson foods were delicious. I really, really liked the QuesaDippers, but the chicken products were really good too. The Buffalo popcorn chicken was much better than I expected and the sauce wasn’t too spicy, in my opinion. My husband, who came along and devoured our leftovers later, loved the Tequila Lime Wings. As expected, Tyson delivered with great, high quality products that were delicious.

If you haven't already, you are invited to become a fan of Tyson Any’tizers on Facebook. You can purchase Tyson products at most major grocers.  To learn more, visit .

Thank you to Tyson for sending us complimentary product vouchers and a gift card to help facilitate this review.