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TKD Kid Review: Monster Jam Path of Destruction Game vs. Live Show

You do not need to be a fan of monster trucks to have heard of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam competition.  Our oldest son is only 7 and I did not need to explain to him what Monster Jam was.  As you can imagine, it is every little boys dream come true to go see a live monster truck show.  So when we were invited to attend a show in order to compare it to the new Monster Jam Path of Destruction video game for the Nintendo DS, our son was beyond excited.

Unfortunately, my son found the show to be a little overwhelming.  The noise was just too much for him even with the use of ear plugs.  Even though he did not want to stay and only had the chance to see one monster truck, he still has a lasting positive memory of that one truck.

Here's what our son had to say about "Monster Jam: Path of Destruction" for Nintendo DS . . . 

"I love the game because you can spin in the air like a torpedo.  You can do a flip, you can do a slap wheelie, and you can do a sky wheelie!  You can unlock crazy cool stuff, like dragon horns, a dragon tail, a hot rod body, an RV body, a truck body, and styles for the sides of the truck body.  In a stunt contest, there's a bridge jump . . . a big blue jump and a small red jump.  The jumps were easy, except for getting on the jumps.  I like the game because it's not as loud as the real thing." ~The TKD Kid

For ticket information for Monster Jam, visit  You can find Monster Jam: Path of Destruction for Wii, DS, PS3, and PSP at the Monster Jam Super Store,, and other major video game retailers.

Thank you to Advance Auto Parts for the complimentary Monster Jam tickets and to Activision for providing the complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.

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