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Silly Monkey Stories: Afternoon at the Art Museum

During the month of March, the Worcester Art Museum had a student exhibit where each art teacher from participating schools could choose 3 pieces of art to submit for showing.  Our 7 year old son was one of the students who were honored by having one of his paintings  selected.  Since the end of the month was quickly approaching, we made it a point to visit the museum this past weekend.

The museum visit started off with promise.  After we saw all the student artwork, we moved onto the main museum galleries.  The children made it through the modern art exhibit without any fussing and even seemed impressed by the 3D art, the installations, and even paintings, such as one by Andy Warhol.  After that, things started to go downhill.

Aside from this suit of armor, we were not able to impress the children with anything . . . not even authentic Paul Revere silver.  After struggling with these three lying on the museum benches, running about, and complaining how bored they were, we gave up and decided to go home.  Before we did, we visited the museum gift shop to look for souvenirs for the children since it might be some time before we dare bring them back.  What did they end up choosing?  Some postcards of artwork?  A replica mask?  No!  They ended up choosing a light up soccer ball, an Automoblox Mini, and a plush duck . . . all things they could have gotten at any local store.

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