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Review: Playmobil Pool With Water Slide

I really thought nothing else could top my children's list of favorite Playmobil toys since they first played with the Playmobil Wild Life Care Station, but this new toy Pool With Water Slide has done it!  Perhaps it is because there are not too many water toys out there that are not made exclusively for the bathtub or for outdoor play?  Our three children (ages 4, 4, and 7) could not get enough time with this toy.  I would say this is a perfect toy for rainy days or for taking along on a family vacation.  The building aspect is great for older children and the play is enjoyable for children ages 4 to about 9 or 10 years old.

This Playmobil set has 133 pieces.  The instructions were very clearly illustrated in the manual.  I think that my 7 year old son would have been able to put this play set together by himself for the most part, but it would have taken him a long time.  I think two was the perfect number of people for this job.

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After the main structure had been assembled, it was fun to see how many accessories there were, including 6 figures, a boombox, floating pool toys, a beach bag, and much more.  Once you are all set up, you can fill the main pool and the kiddie pool with water.  If I recall correctly, it took about 2-1/2 to 3 cups of water to fill both pools.

There were two parts of this pool that were clearly my children's favorites . . . the slide and the working shower.  They never got tired of sending the Playmobil figures down the slide to splash into the water.

The shower works without any batteries by using a simple pump.  It was extremely easy to set up.  The pump takes some strength to push down repeatedly.  My 7 year old son could do it, but he grew tired after awhile.

If you have owned Playmobil play sets in the past, then you know there are usually many small parts with many potential choking hazards.  This particular set has more tiny parts than usual.  All the little flowers are separate pieces.  There are even some extra flowers included in the set in case some get misplaced.

The Playmobil Pool With Water Slide retails for $39.99.  You can learn more about it by visiting, where you can also shop for Playmobil products.  You can also purchase this play set on, at Toys "R" Us, and other select retailers of Playmobil toys.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.