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Review: Epson WorkForce 840 4-in-1 Printer

We recently received the Epson WorkForce 840 multipurpose printer for review. Although we are already Epson WorkForce owners, I was super-excited to try the new 840.

The WorkForce 840 is handsome and compact for a multipurpose office printer. The lines are clean and the unit is not needlessly busy looking. The very first thing you notice after setting up your 840 is the giant touch screen. The center of the screen is a color LCD and the sides are a lighted touch sensitive surface. The interface is intuitive and simple to use.

Setting up the WorkForce 840 could not be more simple. Remove some protective tape and film, insert the ink cartridges and let it be for a few moments. Once the ink was all set, attaching the WorkForce 840 to my WiFi was fast and easy. Once I installed the included drivers and software I was ready to go. Total set up time was about 15 minutes from the time I opened the box. Although I cannot use the Fax function because we use Voice over IP, I went through the fax set up and wasn’t surprised to see it was as easy as the rest of the process.

The WorkForce 840 has the ability to print lined and ruled paper right from the unit itself, no PC required. I thought this was a nice function.  Who needs to buy a 250 pack of graph paper when you can print the 2-3 sheets you actually need in a few seconds? You can even make your own personalized stationary without ever turning on your PC.

As advertised the WorkForce 840 is fast as all get up and the print quality is spectacular. I found the highest resolution image I could find to test its print quality and was not disappointed. It came out so nice I have it set aside for framing! (Make sure you use good photo paper)

The WorkForce 840 can be top loaded for multiple copies or scanning, no need to stand there and do one sheet at a time. It also has 2 paper trays, one large capacity. Imagine printing photos or regular documents from anywhere in the house or office without needing to go and load the printer? The WorkForce 840 can do it.

I can sit here and rattle off the WorkForce 840's specifications but I will not. Head to and read them if you are a tech nut. The message I want to convey here is this:

The WorkForce 840 is easy and intuitive in both set up and operation. The unit is fast and the quality is superb. When you have a busy office to run what else could possibly matter? Or better yet: A busy household full of kids? Fast, easy, and high quality.

As a regular Epson customer, the newest iteration tops the last and solidifies my loyalty. I cannot imagine what they will do to top the WorkForce 840!

The Epson WorkForce 840 has been named the official printer of the Women's Small Business Expo.  Through March 15th, 2011 you can receive an additional 10% off the WorkForce 840 when you checkout using Code: WOMSB840 on

Thank you to Epson for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.