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Review: Custom Yard Sign from is an online retailer that makes custom signs and banners for a reasonable price. They were nice enough to make me an aluminum sign for my home daycare, Crunchy Care. I’ve had several signs in my yard in the past, but I have never had one as sturdy as this one. The sign itself is 0.040 quality grade aluminum, so it’s very strong and durable and will likely never break or wear out. The printing is very clear and high quality and will not fade any time soon, possibly never. It’s also a nice size at 18”x24”, so people can see it all the way down my street. I am thrilled with everything about this sign and am happy it will be sitting outside my house, identifying my daycare, for years to come.

In addition to an amazing sign, the stand is very impressive too. I chose the metal frame with rider and it’s made from ¾” angle iron for outdoor durability with a black powder paint coat finish to add to its strength and make it more attractive. It truly adds a dimension of class to make my new sign from better than any sign I’ve gotten in the past. has a variety of signs, banners, and more to fit any needs, be they business or personal. Signs start at just $27 and go up from there, based on what you need.

Thank you to for sending us a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.