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Review: Lucky Puppy T-Shirts

When long time friends and dog enthusiasts joined forces, the product was an online company that merges cute, fashionable clothing with creative dog-related taglines and themes. I love a company with a purpose, and Lucky Puppy definitely has a purpose. For every purchase that is made from their store,, they donate 15% of their sales to Animal Haven in New York City to help out our furry friends. While Lucky Puppy apparel is adorable, the real heart of the brand is what makes it irresistible. Not only do they donate money to the animal shelter, but they help homeless dogs find forever homes.

We were sent a charcoal colored burnout “LOVE” t-shirt in Quinn’s size to review. The shirt is so cute that I couldn’t wait to get it on Quinn for pictures. It is well made, though a little thin, and I fear it won’t last long with regular wear on a 4 year old. While we have it, though, I am proud to have Quinn wear it. It’s cute, comfy, and was a perfect shirt for him to wear on Valentine’s Day. Because of how thin it is, it will be perfectly cool and comfy for summer.

You can see all of Lucky Puppy’s amazing products on their website and at Lucky Puppy on Facebook. They have lots of cute things for children and adults. This particular shirt comes in multiple colors.  It retails for $25 and is available in sizes 2T to 6.

Thank you to Lucky Puppy for sending us a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.