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Review: LillyMae Bags . . . Boutique Fanny Pack and Purse in One

If you are someone who hesitantly wears fanny packs solely out of necessity's sake or has sworn them off altogether, then you may want to take a look at these boutique fanny packs by LillyMae Bags, which happen to also double as purses.  These bags are compact, fit flat against your body, and are a much funner and attractive way to keep your hands free to work out, carry groceries, or hold your little ones' hands.

Since this 6-1/4" x 4" bag has an adjustable strap and also doubles as a cross body bag, I thought it would be the perfect bag for my little girl.  I let her pick out the specific style and she chose the "Blue/Green Flower" bag, which is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  This bag has a zip top closure with an additional pocket on one interior wall that is roomy enough for a compact mobile phone and certainly large enough for your driver's license, debit card, or business cards.  The bag itself is perfect for an mp3 player, small camera, or a large mobile phone (more than enough room to hold my Samsung Focus).  There is a large eyelet for you to run your headphone wires through.  The strap also breaks apart for when you opt to use it as a fanny pack.

I need to make it clear that this bag would not work as a fanny pack for a child.  At its shortest, the strap measures 31" long.  So, if you have an especially slim build, it may be slightly too large for you (luckily, I do not have that problem).

Currently, LillyMae Bags are available in 13 styles and retail for between $16 and $18 at For a limited time, you can save 15% off your purchase when you use Code: 15001 at checkout.

Thank you to LillyMae Bags for sending us a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.  This article was written as part of a campaign for the Family Review Network.