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Living Green With Jerinda: "E is For Environment" by Ian James Corlett

Elliott and Lucy are back to learn more about being eco-friendly in Ian James Corlett’s soon-to-be published book, E is for Environment. This book contains "stories to help children care for their world at home, school, and at play". Being an eco-conscious person myself, I try my best to instill those values in my children and the children in my daycare. Much like the previously reviewed E is for Ethics, each of the 26 chapters feature a short story that teaches a valuable Green lesson, such as using reusable bags, turning off unused electronics, and being less wasteful.

I have read this all the way through myself and have found the stories interesting, engaging, and perfect for reading to little ones. They are simple, short, and straight to the point. I have starting reading one a day to the daycare children as well as my own two and I can see that the point is being received. I’ve already observed them taking notice to what changes they can make, and that makes me happy.

Corlett is an award-winning children’s book author who was inspired to write this book as his own family grappled with teaching their children ethics and being Green. When his two kids were very young, he and his wife started a weekly discussion period he dubbed “Family Fun Time”. Every Monday after dinner, they all sat around and Ian would tell his kids tales about the two young children, who were much like his own, featured in the book: Elliot and Lucy. His children began to really enjoy this time and they hardly realized they were serving a bigger purpose.

E is for Environment comes out on February 22 and is available to purchase on,, and at Barnes & Noble.  It retails for $18.99 in hardcover.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending us a complimentary sample copy of this book to base this review upon.