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A Cozy Night In for My Family hosted by Nautica

By mid-January, we had already surpassed the amount of snowfall that we normally receive in an entire winter.  Our family of five has been cooped up inside for at least 6 weeks and needed some fun family time . . . something more than the same old toys and the usual television programs.  Thanks to Nautica, who invited me to plan a fun "Cozy Night In" for my family, we created some wonderful new memories for our children.

The first ingredient for our "Cozy Night In" was warm and comfy Nautica activewear for each member of my family.  Everyone was extremely happy with being all cuddly and cozy for our evening of a craft, pizza (pepperoni for the kids plus bacon, onions, and mushrooms for the adults), a movie, and popcorn!

The craft I planned was easy and mess-free because our twins have only just turned four.  I decided it would be fun to do a hanging mailbox craft since Valentine's Day is almost upon us.  We only needed hanging expandable file pockets, ribbon, and an assortment of stickers for this project.  Our 7 year old son needed very little help with his mailbox, but the twins needed assistance with spelling their names and peeling some of the stickers off the sheets.  Like always, our youngest son was the minimalist and finished his mailbox first and his twin sister took her time, was very thoughtful and deliberate with her project, and finished last.

Our pizzas were delivered soon after the craft project was completed.  We all ate in the living room while we watched the DVD How To Train a Dragon.  We did not get a chance to see this film in the theaters and it was truly amazing . . . even to the twins who normally have very short attention spans.

Once the pizza was done, we finished the movie while eating hot buttery popcorn.  Personally, I was far too stuffed to eat more than a small handful, but the rest of the family found room.

When the movie was done, so were my husband and I, but the children were still going strong.  They loved the DVD so much that they dug out all their dragon and dinosaur figures to act out scenarios inspired by the movie.

I have to thank Nautica for presenting me with this challenge.  We really had a fun and memorable evening at home, even though it is the same old place where we have been trapped during one snow day after another.

Thank you to Nautica for providing apparel and a gift card to use towards the activities discussed in this article.  Nautica is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this article.  All thoughts expressed are those of the author's and does not reflect the opinions of Nautica.  The Nautica apparel seen in the photos above can be purchased at (subject to availability).

List of Nautica activewear pieces I had selected for my family . . . 

Girls' Whitestone Fleece Pant
Boy's Cranston Fleece Hoodie
Maria Yoga Pant