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Top 8 Green Products of 2010

This year has been a year of change for us as we tried to rid our home of all chemicals and be more “green” overall. We have sought out fair trade, fair labor, and eco-friendly products and in the process found many things we really loved.

Here is my list of top Green products for 2010, in no particular order . . .

I said no particular order, but I have to say that our Planet Box is, by far, our favorite Green product we received this year. This amazing stainless steel lunch box is still used almost daily by us and is showing no signs of wearing out. Some people are scared of this lunch box’s price, but I can assure it’s worth that and more.

We really, really loved our Cascades Tree we received for Christmas. The kids had a BLAST painting the ornaments and I really loved how unique and beautiful it was.

Our Clementine paints we received are definitely a fave of mine. I am a sucker for non-toxic children’s stuff that is good quality, and these paints live up to it.

The pumpkin scrub we received from Clientele is still used and loved by both me and my husband. I love that it heats up and exfoliates so well and the smell is delicious.

The lime-print apron I received from Global Girlfriend makes my top faves list because it’s cute, well-made, and something I use frequently. Plus, I still like what Global Girlfriend stands for.

Happy Tiffin sent me a set of four, divided stainless steel plates that we use daily and are still in great shape. I had been coveting these plates for a while, and am still thrilled I got them.

This is a two-part rave for two different review opportunities. First, EcoMom sent me a great small bamboo composter that finally prompted my husband and I to start composting all our food. Later, Clean Air Gardening send us a large Spin Bin composter to test out and that has began our official composting life. I love that we are teaching our children such a valuable lesson in life: don’t be wasteful.

Of course, I have been nothing but thrilled to try out each and every product I had been sent, but these hold a special place in my life and I think they are worthy of one more look. Here’s to 2010, a great year now over. Let’s make 2011 even better!

Although we were sent complimentary product samples from either the brands or a retailer associated with the above-mentioned products for the original reviews, we did not receive any compensation for including these products on this list.  This list was compiled based on our own personal experiences with these products.