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Top 18 Products of 2010

Since 2010 has come to an end, it only seems fitting that my family shares with you which products were their favorites from the many we had the privilege to review last year.  There were so many impressive products that we could have easily made a top 40 list.

1.  Guidecraft All In One Play Kitchen

2.  Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Workbench

3.  Black & Decker Wall-Mounted Paper Shredder and Message Center

4.  1154 LILL Studio Custom Handbag

5.  Slix Closer Boxer Briefs

Although I have received complimentary product samples from either the brands or retailers associated with the products above, I did not receive any compensation for including these products on this list.  This list was put together collectively by the members of my household based on our personal experiences with these products.