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A New Year Brings A New Venture . . .

For all of 2010, my other blog A Blog of Goodies had housed my year-round gift guide, on which I showcased my favorite products reviewed on 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires.  After much thought, I have retired the gift guide.  I had to admit to myself that it was a struggle to maintain it, especially towards the end of the year.  So I had to decide what to do with A Blog of Goodies.  I was not yet ready to sell it off along with the domain name, so I made a proposal to my husband, who is a guest writer for 3G2S, about co-writing a shopping blog catering to both men and women . . . and he accepted!

So, if I seem a little quiet lately (for me that means down to publishing only one post per day), I am just spending a little time redesigning my other blog.  Hopefully, it will be done in a week or so.  Luckily I have help from my good friend and graphic designer Lucy Montgomery.  I could not find the perfect clipart for the reinvented A Blog of Goodies, so Lucy has been helping me customize the clipart I have chosen.  Speaking of new ventures, Lucy has just launched her new business Aryflower Press & Design.  She can do anything from creating custom WordPress blog designs to custom business card designs to custom Facebook pages.  Here's hoping that 2011 holds success for all our new endeavors!