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How To Complete the Last Stage of Potty Training for a Boy

Our twin preschoolers just turned four last week.  They are both completely potty trained now, but they only just completed the last stage of potty training recently, which was wearing underpants 24/7, including during nighttime and nap times.  Our son was pretty much 100% potty trained, but he would not give up his Pull-Ups training pants when he went to preschool or when he went to sleep.  We tried to gently nudge him in that direction, but he just refused.

One day, when we ran out of disposable training pants, I had the idea for us to buy only Pull-Ups for girls, rather than a package of the boy's as well.  When it came time to get ready for bed that night, we made our move.  After his bath, we handed him a Princess Pull-Up.  He immediately protested.  So we gave him a choice to either wear the Princess Pull-Up training pants or to wear a pair of underpants.  He opted for the underpants and the rest is history.

Of course, this technique may not work for all boys.  In spite of my efforts to not impose gender stereotypes on our children, they have formed their own opinions about what should be for boys and what should be for girls.  I know our daughter has had no qualms about wearing Cars Movie Pull-Ups in the past.  Incidentally, once her twin brother switched to underpants full time, she wanted to make the switch as well.

If you try this, I would love to hear if it works for you too.