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A Gift From My Children

With all the hustle and bustle of the past week and a half, I have not had a chance to share about what my three children gave me for a Christmas gift.  It was a very thoughtful gift.  My children know that I work at home and spend too many hours sitting at my desk . . . more hours than they would like.  Still they gave me a gift that would make my doing so more comfortable for me.

You see, my old desk chair was falling apart.  I have been picking up the pieces of vinyl off the floor for many months.  I could also feel the hardware through the seat.  So I am thrilled to have this brand new upholstered chair to sit on at my desk in our bedroom.  It is much more attractive than the task chair and much cushier too.

I must also thank my husband, who purchased, transported, and wrapped the chair on behalf of our children. He was also nice enough to assemble it for me.  So I (and my behind) thank him and my children profusely for this thoughtful gift.