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For Better or For Worse: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Since we've been married, my husband and I have gotten through some difficult situations together.  The past two days have been one of the toughest we have had to face in awhile.  You see, in the middle of the night on Saturday, I woke up feeling very sick.  My husband also said he was not feeling very well, leading me to believe that we perhaps had food poisoning.  We did share a steak tip dinner the evening before.

By morning, we were sure we had food poisoning.  Here we were sick as dogs with three active children in our care.  Then our nearly 4 year old daughter became sick and after dinner that evening our 7 year old son became sick.  So it turned out not to be food poisoning at all, but rather a severe stomach flu.  We were kidding ourselves when we thought nothing could be more difficult than having two sick adults with three active children.  We found out it was much more difficult to have two sick adults, two sick children, and one active preschooler, who could not understand why nobody could play with him.

After our oldest threw up his dinner on the upstairs landing, every time my husband or myself tried to get near it to clean it up, we would both start to feel ourselves getting sick.  Looking back now, it was almost funny, but it definitely was not at the time.  After several attempts and an hour and a half later, my husband managed to clean it up in stages, even after it made him sick once.  Then, all day today, when everyone seemed to be feeling a little better except for me, he took care of the kids all day even though he wasn't 100% better himself, just so I could rest in bed.  My hero!!