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Visit Macy's to Support the Make-A-Wish Foundation & Aflac for Pediatric Cancer

If you have been touched by the spirit of the holidays, then you most likely have been thinking about ways to give back and ways to just do some good. Do you remember the Macy's Believe campaign of 2009? Well Santa's mailbox is in Macy's stores again for Holiday 2010. All you need to do is bring your children along with their letters to Santa and drop them in the mailbox to prompt a $1 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for each letter. Macy's will donate up to $1 million for the 3rd annual Macy's Believe campaign.

If your child needs help with their letter to Santa, there is a tool to help you type your child's letter out in his or her words and decorate it right on the Believe website. Then all you need to do is print out the letter and have your child drop it in the mailbox at your local Macy's store. You can also find on this website, the schedule for the Macy's National Santa Tour, which continues through December 22nd, 2010. Visit Macy's on Facebook for a fun game helping Virginia and Ollie get their letters to Santa.


Another great way to give this holiday is to support the Aflac/Macy's Holiday Duck sale! Do you remember the Aflac Duck in this 2010 commercial? . . .

Since the year 2001, the Aflac Duck has been sold in Macy's stores to benefit the Aflac Cancer Center. For some, it is a tradition to collect the current year's Aflac Duck. The 2010 Aflac Duck is already sold out online in both the 6" and 10" versions, but you can still find him at participating Macy's stores. He only costs $10 for the 6" and $15 for the 10". Both contain a sound chip, so you can hear the Aflac Duck's signature line. Purchasing this duck will benefit pediatric cancer treatment and research.

This adorable little guy would be a great gift for a child, but I think he would be the perfect gift for a co-worker. Usually at work, you are not allowed to blow off steam. Well, the Aflac Duck screams when you cannot. One or two squeezes of my new little friend really helps me to relieve a bit stress. I've found it to be very therapeutic.

Visit to learn more about this great cause, including which U.S. hospitals will benefit from the Aflac/Macy's Holiday Duck sale and which store locations are selling the 2010 Aflac Holiday Duck.

Thank you to Aflac for providing a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.