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Silly Monkey Stories: Are You Diggin' It?

When my husband and I pick up the twins from preschool, they are often outside on the playground (weather permitting). We love watching them play, especially when they are unaware of our presence.

Last week, we managed to remain unnoticed by our daughter. She was playing on the other side of the playground and we could see that her fleece hat was about to fall off her head. Then it did . . . right into the hood of her winter coat. We were too far away to get her attention, so we just watched her looking around forlornly to see where her hat had fallen.

Our attention was then diverted to our son for a bit. When we looked back over to where our daughter was, I could not believe my eyes. She was bent over digging in the dirt with her gloved hands like a dog about to bury her favorite bone.

When we got home from school, I looked at my daughters gloves and asked her, "Kenzie, how come there is dirt all over your pretty new gloves?" To this she answered innocently, "I was looking for my hat."

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