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Shop 'n' Share: Whale Faucet Fountain

I want to share a neat little gadget I purchased for just $9 from through the fall fundraiser for my son's elementary school . . . the Whale Faucet Fountain. This little whale slips over the end of your faucet to turn your tap into a drinking fountain. The part that fits over the faucet is rubber inside and should fit snugly around most styles of faucets. If it is on correctly, the water should flow freely through the belly of the whale. You should also be able to use your hand to close the flap that covers the belly without any obstructions from the tip of the faucet.

When you hold that flap shut, the water is forced out the whale's blow hole, thus turning it into a drinking fountain. This is a great way for children to rinse their mouths after brushing their teeth. I do recommend that you do not turn the water on high because it could make the water shoot past the sink onto the floor instead of over the sink. Also, if your child is not gently with the whale when closing the flap, he or she may shift it, causing it not to sit properly on the end of the faucet.

Although Genevieve's is a site that focuses on school fundraisers, I do believe you can bypass the school information and order products on this website just like any other online retailer.

This article was based on my own personal shopping experience. I did not receive product or compensation in exchange for sharing this experience with my readers.