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Santa's Job Gets Harder Every Year

This year more than ever, I have been reminiscing about how simple Christmas shopping for our children use to be. When they were toddlers, they were so easily impressed. We could have chosen any one of the many ride-on toys available for $35ish at the toy store to put under the tree and Santa would have been a hero. Now that the children are nearly 4, 4, and 7, it has grown increasingly difficult to find toys that have that wow-effect a parent wants from a Santa gift without breaking the bank.

Once the children hit preschool age, the whole logistics of writing a letter to Santa became another factor. It is an important element in maintaining our children's belief in the magic of Santa. The problem is that a parent cannot really tell a child not to ask for something they really want. When my oldest asked for a Nintendo DSi this year, I could not say to him, " Don't ask Santa for that. How about this less costly Harry Potter Lego Set instead?" So, does Santa disappoint a child because their request costs too much money? That could shatter the child's whole belief in Santa with just one shot. So, guess who will be receiving a Nintendo DSi from Santa this year.