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Review: Special-Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free by Judy Converse

From sleep, to staying healthy, to growth impairments, and even avoiding infections, Special-Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free covers most aspects of true health in children, and especially special-needs children. It offers parents a non-pharmaceutical approach to health for children. The author, Judy Converse, a dietitian specializing in children, does an excellent job of breaking down nutrition in a way that’s easy to understand, yet not condescending. She explains all aspect of nutrition and how and why diet can dramatically change a child’s behavior and prognosis. Stepping in where many doctors have failed parents, Converse clearly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to health in children.

“Despite more options for children than ever before from the pharmaceutical industry, more doctors’ visits annually than in years past, and more prescription drug use than ever among children, our children are doing more poorly, according to data from private and government sources.” This statement is so profound to me and should be to every parent. We have so much medical intervention these days, yet our children are doing far worse ever before and are plagued by diseases that rarely or even never plagued children before.

Being a natural health enthusiast, I was glued to this book immediately and read it cover-to-cover, even the parts that didn’t pertain to my children. I think this is another invaluable resource for parents of all kids, not just special-needs ones. If you are interested in natural health or are looking for an alternative way to deal with problems invading your family’s life, Converse’s book is right up your alley.

You can purchase Special-Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free from,, and other major book retailers. It retails for $15.95 in paperback and $9.99 in eBook format.

Thank you to the Penguin Group for sending us a complimentary review copy of this book to base this article upon.