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Review: LightCatcher Blackout/Room Darkening Curtains

Our twins are about to turn 4 years old next month. After almost 4 years, they have still yet to sleep through the night. On top of that, even though they seem to have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep, they still manage to wake up most mornings when the sun rises or if they happen to hear the noise of a truck driving by. That is why I was thrilled to be able to try LightCatcher Curtains. Not only are these blackout curtains, but they also help to block out noise and unwelcome cold or heat.

I wish I could have captured a good photo of how well these room darkening curtains work. Aside from the night light, it still looks like nighttime as far as the children can tell, even after the sun has risen. The children have slept a little later in the mornings since we have hung these curtains. If it was not for our son's bladder, which wakes him up almost exactly at the same time every morning, I think they would sleep even longer.

We did notice a difference in the temperature of the room. Our heating system is not very efficient, so the second level of our house is never as warm as the main floor. After using these curtains on nights that were as cold as 20 degrees out, I could tell that the heat was kept in and the cold was kept out much better than without them. Mainly I could tell because, when I have to check on our daughter in the middle of the night, I am not as cold going from under my warm cozy comforter into the children's room.

As far as noise goes, these curtains do help a little bit by keeping the sound of regular traffic and the sound of the distant trains going by to a minimum. It is difficult to tell how well they work against more pronounced sounds since the snow plows have not come out yet. That will be the true test because the loud noises from the snow plows working were the cause of a lot of distress last winter during the night and early in the mornings.

I would love to have these curtains for just about every room in the house. We have a huge problem with the sun baking 3 sides of our house every summer and these curtains would help to keep our house cooler. These particular panels are the 63" Bright Navy. As you can see, the material is sueded. I love that these panels are so versatile. If you are decorating a nursery, there are some adorable prints available as well. I also love that these curtains are machine washable, which so many window treatments are not.

To learn more about LightCatcher Curtains, visit . You can find these curtain panels on Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond. The 63" panels retail for $29.99 each and the 84" panels for $34.99 each.

Thank you to LightCatcher for sending us complimentary product samples to base this review upon.