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How To Make a Bangle Wristlet From a Clutch or Wallet

Last month, I attended a T.J.Maxx & Marshalls event, in which we had the chance to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange. I had the pleasure to shop with a $50 gift card for Kas of Southern Bella's Way to Save. What is even cooler is that the person who shopped for me was Kat of Corporette. How lucky was I to have a fashion blogger be my own personal shopper?

I have to tell you that Kat was right on target with the two accessories she selected for me. It was ingenious of her to go with a garnet and sapphire theme. Red is my favorite color, so I loved the soft acrylic Cashmink fringed scarf she picked out with various shades of red in it at T.J.Maxx for just $9.99 (50% off retail). The second item Kat chose for me was a blue luxury leather zip-around B Makowsky wallet. It was perfect for me because the studs and the chunky zipper give it a little edge without going over the top. I cannot believe she found this wallet (also at T.J.Maxx), which retails for $98, for just $39.99 . Everything was perfect about this wallet, except I normally use a wristlet because I need to have my hands free at times. So, instead of not using this beautiful wallet because it lacked a wrist strap, I turned it into a bangle wristlet.

How To Make a Bangle Wristlet . . .

You can easily turn any zip top or zip around wallet or clutch into a stylish bangle wristlet. Yes, there are fabric or leather clip-on straps out there that you can purchase, but the chances that they will match your wallet or clutch are pretty slim. So I thought it would be better to go with a bangle wristlet, which meant that I only needed to match the color of the hardware.

WHAT YOU NEED: 1 wallet or clutch with a zip closure, 1 sturdy split key ring, 1 bangle bracelet or bracelet set

STEP 1: Simply attach the split ring to your bangle bracelet. If you are using one bracelet, then make sure it is a strong one. Also make sure that the bracelet slides on and off your wrist without trouble. I chose this set of bracelets that are attached because I like the look of it and it is extremely strong. For a single bracelet or multiple single bracelets, you would just attach the split ring directly onto the bracelet or group of bracelets.

STEP 2: Attach the same split ring onto the base of the main zipper of your clutch or wallet.

That's it! Could that have been any easier? I hope B Makowsky does not mind my little alteration. Thank you again to Kat for having such great taste. Please go visit her fashion blog at!

Although I participated in this gift exchange courtesy of The Marmaxx Group, who covered all my expenses associated with the event and gave me a gift card for a shopping activity, I did not received compensation for sharing this information with my readers. All thoughts expressed are my own.