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Holiday 2010 Review: Wall-Mount Paper Shredder & Messaging Center

We never use our paper shredder. We are so petrified that the kids will have an accident, that we leave it unplugged and hidden in the corner of our bedroom. We build up so much junk mail and documents that need to be shredded because of this. As a result, it is a multi-hour project that taxes our shredder to its limit. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. Then I had the opportunity to try the Black & Decker Wall-Mounted Paper Shredder and Messaging Center. WE SHRED EVERYTHING NOW!

This unit is handsome enough to be mounted in your kitchen or an office. I hung ours in the kitchen above the garbage can. It looks just like any other appliance. Even though a stud finder is required to mount the unit to the wall securely, installation was still a breeze. I mounted ours high enough to be out of reach of the kids, helping to reduce the chances of an accident. In addition to being out of reach, the shredder is left turned off and has a safety cover over the inlet. To be honest my kids haven’t even paid any attention to it because it so fits in with the decor of the kitchen.

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The shredder comes with a stand so you can use it traditionally, but why? Mounting this unit in my kitchen has basically changed the way we handle sensitive paperwork. Instead of junk mail and old bills waiting months (years?) in boxes to be shredded, they are shredded before they hit the kitchen counter. Emptying the Black & Decker Wall Mounted Shredder is a piece of cake. The front panel hinges forward and the bin slides right out.

I have yet to jam this unit, and I suspect I never will. Why? Because I will never be in a situation where I need to shred more than a few pieces at a time. We jammed our old shredder every time we used it because we would try to get as many sheets in there as possible since we had accumulated hundreds to shred. Not any more! This shredder crosscuts up to 6 sheets at a time and can also handle credit cards and staples.

This unit has a magnetic whiteboard on the front for notes and includes a small net for pens, keys, etc. Not only is this unit effective, but shredding unwanted documents happens immediately now, inherently increasing our security. No more boxes of documents waiting for the shredder for us! If you own a shredder already and still accumulate documents, buy the Black & Decker Wall Mounted Shredder and Messaging Center right now and stop the madness!

To learn more about this and other Black & Decker shredders, visit . Currently, you can purchase this paper shredder on at the reduced price of $79.99 (regularly $99.99) with Free Super Saver Shipping. It would be an ideal gift for any household that contains children or is limited on space.

Thank you to Black & Decker for sending us a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.