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Holiday 2010 Review: "The Night After Christmas" by Michael Hebler

There are so many stories about all the exciting things that happen while Santa and his crew are getting ready for their busiest night of the year. Have you ever wondered what happens after that last toy has been delivered? There are rarely any tales told about that . . . until now. "The Night After Christmas" was a children's stage play transformed into a children's Christmas book by the same author Michael Hebler and illustrator Anita Driessen.

Inspired by Clement C. Moore's "The Night Before Christmas", this book tells in rhyming text the story of how Santa returns to the North Pole, exhausted but full of joy, while children around the world are yet again sleeping contently. Our 6 year old son recalls Moore's story very well, since it is a tradition for our family to read this book before bedtime every Christmas Eve, but our 3 year old twins do not. To them "The Night After Christmas" was just a nice story about Santa. It will make much more sense to them when we reread this book at bedtime on Christmas night. Both the adults and the children enjoyed the story and the textured artwork.

To learn more about this book, visit . You can purchase this book in an 8-1/2" square soft cover right on the website for $8.99, as well as on and . "The Night After Christmas" makes the ideal bedtime story for Christmas night and we will be adding it to our annual Christmas traditions.

Thank you to Michael Hebler for providing a complimentary sample copy of this book for us to base this review upon.