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For Better or For Worse: My Grand Ideas

I often have ideas of things to do that may be productive or just fun. I, of course, think these are all good ideas, no matter how grand they are. I just realized the other day that, when I have these grand ideas, my husband must be rolling his eyes when I'm looking the other way. You see, he tends to end up doing most of the work. This is true when I say, "Hey! We should totally go through all the toys and rearrange the living room to create more play space" or when I say, "Hey! Wouldn't it be fun if we built gingerbread houses with the kids this year?"

After helping the children with their gingerbread houses, my husband still managed to reassemble this tree (that I broke) and decorate it beautifully. Didn't he do an exceptional job? One might say he is a gingerbread artist . . .