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How to Make Easy Holiday Window Decorations

I have just been dying to try out this Klutz Window Art craft book. Since Christmas is almost here, I decided it would be fun to add some subtle decorations to our living room windows. We live in a townhouse community, so we do not really have the chance to decorate the outside of our home.

This would be a fun family activity for grade school-age children. The kit is actually recommended for anyone ages 8 and up, but I think slightly younger children would enjoy it if they were assisted by an adult.

There are tons of fun templates in the book, including landscapes, dragons, flowers, and much more. There were not any holiday-themed templates, so I had to draw mine freehand. Instead of slipping the included plastic sleeve over a template page, I just put it over the cover. Then I used the black outline paint to draw all my outlines, making sure all my shapes were closed.

Then I used the colored paint to fill in my enclosed areas. The black paint was thicker, while the colored paint was thin and easily spread out to fill the shapes no matter how irregular they were.

The tough part is that you need to let your Window Art dry flat on the plastic for 24 hours. The waiting may not be easy for a child. The final result was definitely worth the wait in my opinion. I only had to peel the designs off the plastic sleeve and stick them on our glass windows. The designs adhered to the windows without any problems at all.

After trying the Klutz Window Art Classic for myself, I am going to do the next project with our nearly 7 year old son. I think I could draw the shapes and he could easily fill in the spaces with color. I might have to buy some more Window Art supplies. I actually wanted to create a snow scene, but the book did not come with white paint. I am curious what ideas my son has for our next Window Art project.

Thank you to Klutz for providing a complimentary sample product for us to use in this project.