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Silly Monkey Stories: Sizzly, I Can't Know . . .

It's been awhile since I've updated you on the twins' speech and vocabulary development. Makenzie is still quite far ahead of Luke as far as vocabulary and enunciation. Still they both make their share of silly errors that we cannot seem to break them out of no matter how many time we try to correct them. I really should remember to write them all down. I had to enlist my husband in helping me make a list.

Here are the ones we could recall . . .

LUKE: "I can't know." = I don't know.

MAKENZIE: "What time it is?" = What time is it?

LUKE: "Sizzly" = Seriously

LUKE: "Appletard" = Avatar (the Last Airbender)

Makenzie also randomly adds "ed" on the end of verbs to make them past tense. I know there are more, but that is all we could remember at the moment.

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