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Ruby Tuesday: Crafty Stocking Exchange (Part 2)

Last week for Ruby Tuesday, I posted a photo of a hand-decorated Christmas stocking, which I had sent to my exchange partner (Virginia of Lady V dZine). Well, this week, I would like to show you the stocking she made and decorated by hand for me. I think she did an amazing job, especially with the gingerbread girl. She really put my glitter glue and stick-on foam shapes to shame.

Inside the stocking I discovered a felt holiday tote bag containing 3 different shades of Avon lipsticks.

In addition to the lipsticks and tote, I also found a package of very fun colored Sharpies, a bag of my favorite Heath bars candies, a Blockbuster gift card, and two magnetic photo pockets (how did she know that I love to take photos?) along with a hand-written note from Virginia.

I just wanted to say another big thank you to Virgina! She really picked out the perfect stocking stuffers for me and I just love my handmade stocking.

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