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Make Easy & Affordable Restaurant-Quality Cakes at Home

Where I live, it costs $14 to $16 to buy an 8" cake from the supermarket's bakery. Although I very much enjoy bringing those cakes to every dinner or gathering my family is invited to, the cost adds up quickly during the holiday season when such gatherings become more frequent. That is why I want to share with you a new discovery from Duncan Hines . . . the new Amazing Cake Glazes and Decadent Cake Mixes. After trying these two products, I doubt I will ever go back to the old standard cake mixes ever again.

Of the 3 new Decadent Duncan Hines Cake Mixes, I tried the Apple Caramel and the Triple Chocolate along with the Vanilla and the Chocolate Amazing Glazes.

Although the Triple Chocolate cake was my and my children's favorite, my husband raved about the Apple Caramel cake. I served it while the cake and the apple filling was still warm with a fresh drizzling of the also warm vanilla glaze.

Applying the glaze to the whole cake makes a beautiful presentation for any gathering. If you are serving the cake at home, I highly recommend adding the glaze to each individual serving. That way, you can tailor the flavor and quantity of the glaze to each person's taste. To use the glaze, you only need to microwave it with the bottle opened according the package instructions. Then you can refrigerate the unused portion to reheat and use later.

The Triple Chocolate Cake is amazing! It has a chocolate filling that is just delicious especially when the cake is served warm. It tastes just as good as any chocolate lava cake you would order off a restaurant's dessert menu. Do you think you would be one to drench your cake in glaze or would you likely be a "drizzler" like me?

The 20oz box of Duncan Hines Decadent Cake Mixes retail for $2.99 each and the 10oz bottles of Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes retail for just $2.49 each. Throw in 3 eggs, some vegetable oil, and water and you have yourself a delicious cake for what it would cost you to order one slice of cake in a restaurant. A cake from a bakery would cost you 3 or 4 times as much. If this sounds like a delicious way to save money to you, then look for these new Duncan Hines products in your supermarket's baking aisle. For a limited time, click on this link to receive a $1.00 off coupon for Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes.

This article was written for the Family Review Network & Duncan Hines who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.