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Holiday 2010 Review: Zhu Zhu Pets - Wild Bunch (Wii Game)

The kids love Zhu Zhu Pets and we own quite a lot of them. I would say it is not an exaggeration that at one time we had nearly every piece available. As a parent however, I always quietly shuddered to myself each time they wanted to play with them as they needed too much help to get everything set up. So when we had the opportunity to review the Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch game by Activision for the Nintendo Wii I was excited. Maybe now my kids could enjoy the Zhu Zhu Pets they love so much without all the set up and clean up.

This game is based on your classic side scroll and collect game (think original Mario Bros.). Initially I thought a side scroll game dynamic was aged and restrictive, but after playing for a bit I realized it was just perfect for my kids. Activision also did a fantastic job keeping it fresh with a great deal of vertical and reverse movement.

The goal of the game is to move about each level collecting coins, keys, and power ups (very classic) while trying to “tag” members of the Wild Bunch. To tag a Wild Bunch Zhu Zhu you simply need to run over them making this game very appealing to my nearly 4 years old twins. Although the basic goal of each level is very simple, to really perform well it does require some skill and the exploration of hard to get to areas. My younger kids can easily meet the requirements to complete a level while my 7 year old can remain challenged trying to access all the loot hidden in difficult to reach places.

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The graphics are colorful and cute and the controls are intuitive and simple. The personalities of the Zhu Zhu pets are captured perfectly and the kids really enjoyed playing them as characters.
If you have kids 4 years old and up, consider Activision's Zhu Zhu Pets. It is fun and engaging. I would certainly recommend this game for all Zhu Zhu lovers. I must admit I had some fun playing it myself and look forward to some of the harder levels!

Zhu Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch is also available for the Nintendo DS and in a limited edition version for the Wii, which includes a Zhu Zhu Pet hamster. You can find one or both versions most places where Nintendo games are sold.

Thank you to Activision for sending us a complimentary sample product to base this review upon.