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Holiday 2010 Review: PLAYMOBIL Heavy Duty Mobile Crane

We recently received the Maxx7 Playmobil Heavy Duty Mobile Crane play set for review. I seriously could not tell who was more excited to try this set out, the kids or myself.

The crane and its accessories are high quality and very detailed. Assembly was not complicated but I would recommend an adult put the Maxx7 together. There are dozens of decals that need to be applied and some string that requires some delicate attention to be done correctly. Once assembled the Maxx7 is great looking and cool as any toy I have tinkered with.

The crane has ratcheting mechanisms to help keep the boom up and secure. The winch and pulley system are well thought out and fool proof. I don’t anticipate much tangling during play which plagues other crane sets I have experienced over the years. Although the Maxx7 is a quality toy, there are some elements that need to be handled with care; I would not recommend the Maxx7 for kids outside of the toys intended age of 4 and up. I was also careful to show my 7 year old how a few of the features worked so he would not accidentally force something and break it.

The Maxx7 comes with a couple of operators, a giant boulder for lifting, and some real blinking safety lights (nice touch!). This toy comes with 2 CR 1632 batteries, but they are not replaceable.

Overall the Maxx7 is a well designed and high quality toy. Crane toys in general are hit or miss and Playmobil clearly hit on the Maxx7. My son has spent many hours playing with this toy so far and it seems to be a favorite. There may be an adult in the house that feels the same way…you can guess who!

To learn more about this toy construction crane, visit . You should be able to find this toy most places where Playmobil products are sold.

Thank you to Playmobil for sending us a complimentary sample product to base this review upon.