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Holiday 2010 Review: Mix Pups Pocket-Size Puppies

If you are looking for an affordable battery-free gift for a little girl in your life, here is an adorable idea for you. Mix Pups brought to us by Jazwares hit retail stores in August of this year. This toy was nominated for the Time to Play Magazine's People's Play Award for Girl's Toys. Since my daughter is an animal-lover and also loves to dress-up her dolls, I knew she would find this toy to be engaging.

Mix Pups are available in single packs ($4.99 each), double packs ($9.99 each), and designer pup accessory packs ($4.99 each). There are also play sets, such as the Fancy Paws Day Spa ($24.99) and a Pawty Van ($19.99) all set up for a birthday party. There are even 6" plush versions of Mix Pups called Puppy Love Plush ($7.99 each). We received the Bailey the Beagle and Chloe the White Poodle double pack of Mix Pups for our daughter to play with.

These puppies are extremely girly, which caught my daughter's attention right away. Each one came with an outfit, a dog bed, a collar, and sunglasses.

When I interchanged the Mix Pups' hair and ears, my daughter did not know what to think. I think she would have been more open to the change if I had one or two additional accessory packs. Then there would be less of a sense of which part goes with which figure.

This toy is recommended for ages 4+. Our daughter will be 4 in two months. She is able to dress and undress the pups on her own for the most part, although she did find that the sunglasses did not stay on very easily. Also, I inadvertently pulled one of the pup's legs off when removing it from the package. Although my husband was ultimately able to pop it back in, it does fall out easily during play. He had to resort to gluing it on, which eliminated its ability to move at that joint. Despite these obstacles, my daughter did enjoy dressing and posing the Mix Pups. As I previously mentioned, I do think that additional accessories would allow her to play with this toy for a longer period of time in one sitting.

My daughter was actually feeling under-the-weather when I first presented her with these Mix Pups. They certainly did lift her spirits and she liked to sit with them, discovering what pieces could move and be removed, and enjoyed the quiet play.

To view the full line of Mix Pups pocket-sized puppies, visit .

Thank you to Jazwares for sending us a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.