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Stocking Stuffers 2010: Cool Cuffs for Boys

As weird as it sounds, my boys love bracelets. Avery (9 years old) wears a plethora of silly bands every day, along with a slap bracelet, a Bakugan arm band, and a watch and Quinn (3 years old) wears just about the same. No, they are not girly boys. They just like boyish bracelets to fit their mood. When I heard about Ladybugs & Lullabies’ bracelets for boys, Cool Cuffs, I was thrilled to let my boys try them out. We had the opportunity to try out the Ring of Fire and Circle of Skulls printed Cool Cuffs in the smaller size, which fit Quinn, but were too small for his big brother Avery.

I was really impressed with the quality of the bracelets. They are thick and sturdy and I have doubts that they would ever break. They are definitely worth the $8 price tag on them, if your child will wear them. Quinn really, really loves his, and alternates them daily to fit his mood of the day. They’ve also been quite a topic of conversation among him and other kids and between me and parents. Most of the boys in his preschool class and in my daycare have been jealous and wanted one of their own. In my opinion, if your kid is a fan of bracelets, they would love these Cool Cuffs.

You can see all the prints available and purchase Cool Cuffs on their website, . These boys bracelets come in 7 different designs and each are available in two different sizes (up to 4yrs and 4-7yrs). These would make a great stocking stuffer idea for a big brother and a little brother.

Thank you to Ladybugs and Lullabies for sending us complimentary sample products to base this review upon.