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Review: Zazzle Men's Geek T-Shirts

Even my husband will not deny that he is a geek at heart. This combined with his love for t-shirts makes him especially drawn towards geek t-shirts, which covers a wide array of categories from comic books to science fiction to computers and beyond. Zazzle offers an enormous selection of geek designs that are not only available on t-shirts for men, women, and children, but also drinkware, bags, calendars, canvas footwear, and much more.

Because there is so much to choose from, my husband spent a long time browsing the t-shirts on Zazzle. He kept coming back to this Run CMD T-Shirt. If you do not understand the reference, then you must Google "Run DMC" and "Run CMD" and see what you come up with.

Having run a silkscreening business of our own in the past, my husband and I recognize print quality and shirt quality. This basic dark t-shirt is a nice weight and washed very well. There was no shrinkage that I could detect, nor any fading, flaking of the design, or pilling of the fabric.

If you happen to not find exactly the design you are looking for on Zazzle, you can always create your own or use an existing photo or logo. Zazzle also offers embroidery on some items. What an excellent source of one of a kind gifts and Holiday cards! To find out more about what this site offers, visit and Zazzle on Facebook.

Thank you to Zazzle for sending us a complimentary shirt to base this review upon.