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Review: SVAT Digital Wireless Baby Camera with Online Monitoring

I have wanted a networked video monitor for the house for quite some time. I was excited to try the SVAT Digital Wireless Baby Camera when I had the opportunity. Although not truly a “networked” monitoring system, the SVAT provides wireless PC and mobile phone monitoring capability.

The unit is compact and well designed. The camera is orb shaped and nestles in a clever magnetic cradle. The camera can operate on batteries or with the provided AC adapter. The SVAT uses a USB dongle style wireless receiver with a short extension cable to maximize range and reception. I have no problem receiving video two floors away in the basement. Although I only have one camera, the software and receiver can monitor up to 4 cameras.

The field of view is fair but not huge, about 90 degrees. The SVAT offers daytime and nighttime use with the press of a button located on the camera. The image quality is grainy but adequate in both lighting conditions. There is a slight sound delay but not so much that it makes a major difference. The software is intuitive and simple to use and allows image, video, and audio capture.

Overall I like the SVAT Digital Wireless Baby Camera and for the price it delivers as promised. I can clearly see my kids and that’s what it needs to do. There are a few features that could be improved upon however. Firstly, you cannot turn the night vision on or off from your PC, you must go to the camera and press the button, not always convenient when your kids are sleeping. Secondly, the wireless receiver must be attached to a running PC to function. This camera would be infinitely more useful and convenient if the adapter could connect to your router making it a truly networked device.

You can find this and other types of baby monitors online at CSN Stores, where this SVAT monitor sells for $99.99 with free standard shipping.

We purchased this product with a gift certificate we received from CSN Stores as a thank you for participating in a previous campaign.