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Review: Music For Creative Kids - Volume 1 (CD)

Growing up in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada, Maggie G. was surrounded by a world of music and dance, so it’s very important in her life and she wants to spread that passion to children. The CD, Around the House is the first in a series of discs, Music for Creative Kids. In this fun, entertaining, and catchy CD, Maggie G. shares some new, original songs by her including "Do The Hoover Maneuver", "Dance, Dance", and "The Banana Banana Song". There is not a song on the disc that we didn’t enjoy, and by “we” I mean the kids AND me. I found myself cleaning, doing laundry, and going about my day singing the words to these cute songs.

All the songs are meant to get kids off the couch and to use their imagination and they are themed around household items, chores, and things, which are concepts the kids can really relate to. They really, really loved "The Banana Banana Song" and we’ve listened to it more times than I can count. We’ve also really enjoyed the instrumental versions of five of the songs and turned it into a preschool karaoke time. The CD also came with a coloring sheet which they really enjoyed doing. This CD is meant for ages 3-8, but would be great for any child in your life up to 9 or 10 years old. Even my almost 9 year old loved it and the baby and toddler I care for enjoyed it as well.

Around the House features 23 tracks, runs for approximately 40 minutes, and retails for $12.99. You can purchase it at Barnes & Noble,, and other places where children's CDs are sold. To learn more about Maggie G., to find out tour dates for 2010-2011, and to hear a preview of the CD online, visit

Thank you to The Children's Group for sending us a complimentary sample CD to base this review upon.