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Review: "Galactic Taz Ball" Game (for Nintendo DS)

A Looney Tunes favorite character, the Tazmanian Devil or Taz, returns to battle Marvin the Martian in Galactic Taz Ball. Marvin and his army of Martians are at it again, this time abducting Earth’s landscapes. This is why the game takes place on floating platforms. Taz wakes one day and sees a giant chicken leg in the distance so he takes off after it, completely unaware of what’s happening around him. It’s his mission to stop Marvin, and that’s the basis of the game. The beginning storyline isn’t what’s important or fun about this game, it’s the wandering around smashing and destroying and being a tornado!

My 8 year old, Avery, and I loved this game. Taz is a favorite of mine from my childhood, so getting to “be” him and play was really fun. We particularly enjoyed the spinning, which was hard to get on screen shot, and just the overall idea of the game. Avery really liked all the Martians and how it started simple, but got harder as the levels went on. He has not beat it yet, but really wants to. Also, all the younger kids enjoyed watching, even though they couldn’t play. We all had fun sitting around with the Nintendo DS and making Taz move with the unique “roller ball” style of play, pictured.

Galactic Taz Ball for Nintendo DS is rated E for Everyone and can be found most places where Nintendo DS games are sold.

Thank you to FortySeven Communications for sending us a complimentary sample game to base this review upon.