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A New Discovery . . . TOSTITOS Creamy Spinach Dip

Recently, Frito-Lay sent us an assortment of snacks . . . some better-for-you and some better-for-the-environment. Included in the package were Lay's Lightly Salted Potato Chips, Multigrain Tortilla Chips, and Multigrain Sun Chips in a 100% compostable bag. Normally, I opt for chips with some type of flavoring, so for plain chips like these, I required some kind of dip. So I asked my husband to pick up some while he was out.

My husband loves salsa and Salsa Con Queso, but he knew I liked more traditional creamy dips. He ended up coming upon something perfect at BJ's Wholesale Club . . . a 3pk of dip containing salsa, con queso, and something I had never seen before . . . Tostitos Creamy Spinach Dip. At first I thought it would be similar to spinach artichoke dip, but it was more like onion dip with spinach added. I was very pleased with this threesome because there is something for everyone in the family.

Visit to see what other snacks are available in lightly salted, low-fat, and multigrain versions.

Thank you to Frito-Lay for sending us complimentary samples to base this article upon.