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My Photos (W/E 10-9-10)

I had lunch at the mall the other day with my husband and our twin preschoolers. Of course the twins wanted to have McDonald's at the food court, so my husband and I agreed we would find something else for ourselves. I haven't eaten at the food court in a couple of months and I noticed a new Thai restaurant. I went over to check out the food and found a delightful surprise . . . a noodle bar. They offered four different types of noodle soup. I opted for the Wonton and Noodle Soup. I have to say that I was amazed at the quality. I am going to eat there every time I go to the mall's food court from now on. Tasty wontons, an abundance of noodles, and large pieces of bok choy sure beats the typical greasy mall food!

"Not Your Typical Mall Food"

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